WWDYW: Pick a new goal song

It’s that time of July, where we’re bored at the office and trying to figure out just how to kill some time. The Leafs’ current goal song is to the tune of The Enforcer by Monster Truck, as heard below. But if you were Kyle Dubas and had control over everything in the organization… what would…


OH S#!+, We Forgot to Worry About Josh Leivo’s Icetime

With all that has been going on in Leaf land over the past month it’s easy to forget about Josh Leivo, and the fact that at one point he wanted to be traded from the Leafs, and that his trade request came only 3 months after he signed an extension with the Leafs through this…


Monday Mailbag: Long Ass Rant About Jake Gardiner Edition

It’s the worst week of the year for sports. It’s that week when many people head down that dark path and ask themselves, “Should I give the CFL a try?” To them I can only say “ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS.” Anyway, here’s the mailbag. If the leafs had to re-draft the goat, in which round would you suggest…


Leafs Sign First Rounder Rasmus Sandin to Entry Level Contract

You thought you could try and hide this signing by doing it late on a Sunday night when everyone was sleeping or spending time with friends and family, didn’t you Kyle? Well, jokes on you, I don’t have a life. The Leafs signed their 2018 first round pick Rasmus Sandin to his three year, entry…


Total Hockey G.O.A.T.: Five Evgeni Malkins vs Five Joe Sakics

No matter if you’re a basketball follower or not, you probably realize the Lebron vs. Jordan debate is something that’s raged on for a few years, perhaps being taken to its apex this past season as James carried a bunch of corpses to the NBA Finals. Hockey’s version of this argument is probably Lemieux vs….


Andreas Johnsson Signs His Qualifying Offer And That Means Things

If you were worried there wouldn’t be any more minor Leafs news trickling in this week, you can rest easy. We’ve got an Andreas Johnsson contract to talk about. The @MapleLeafs announced today that forward Andreas Johnsson has accepted his qualifying offer, a one-year, two-way contract with an NHL salary of $787,500. #TMLtalk — Leafs…


Are you content with the Leafs’ D as it stands heading into the season?

Death, taxes, and getting angry about the Leafs’ defence. So we argued: are we okay with the Leafs’ D heading into next season? First, some short answers: Evan Presement Yes Hayley Hendren I’d much rather have things the way they are than give up something to change it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Megan Kim Yeah it’s fine Jon…


Auston Matthews needs more ice time

It might seem weird to suggest that, after adding another top-ten centre to their roster, the Leafs should try to find more ice for the one they already had, but that’s what Mike Babcock needs to do as Auston Matthews heads into his third NHL season. There’s been some “chatter” around the supposed Babcock-Matthews rift…


Gauthier Re-Signed & Some New Scouts Are Here

In what will count as busy day for the Leafs in comparison to next two months, the Leafs took care of a couple of pieces of business today, by signing Freddie Gauthier and by bringing in two established front office folks as pro scouts The @MapleLeafs have signed centre Frederik Gauthier to a two-year, two-way…