WWYDW: Alternate Jerseys

Now that Adidas has settled in, and they’ve got all of the regular home and away jerseys all settled, teams can start looking into getting some alternate jerseys. Some teams, like the Hurricanes, Ducks, and Coyotes, have already got theirs in place, but some teams, like the Leafs, haven’t (that we know of).

Now, it’s been a while since the Leafs have had an alternate jersey. Aside from the various centennial and Winter Classic jerseys that they’ve had over the last few years, the last traditional alternate jersey was this bad boy, which they first put out in 2011.

The Leafs have a pretty rich history, with some solid jerseys and logos to look to for inspiration. While blue and white have usually been the colour scheme, and the logo has always been some form of the maple leaf, there is still a lot of creativity involved.

Do they bring forward a redesign of a vintage jersey? Or just use the vintage jersey altogether? Maybe they have a brand new design that we haven’t seen yet? Or maybe you even look to the Toronto Blue Jays and go with a red and white, Canada design (although that would be much weirder than how the Blue Jays pull it off)?

You have 101 years of history to use, so what do you think the Leafs alternate jersey should be?

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  • Skill2Envy

    I suppose the 1970-2016 logo is now a retro logo, do we bring that back as an alternate?

    The 1939-62 and 1963-67 look very similar to the current logo now so I don’t see much reason as a alternate. Never really liked the 1967-70 rounded Toronto wording jersey above.

    St. Pat’s jersey is always fun once a year and the AreTnas jersey with the striped sleeves was a nice throwback last year.