Remembering THAT Leafs moment: #TeamUnit

In awe at the size of Team Unit.

Do you guys remember the short-lived clothing line / whatever else it was by the name of Team Unit?

If you don’t, you weren’t missing much.

Back in 2011, some Leafs/Jays/Marketing executives decided to come together and offer a brand of clothing that was essentially knockoff shirseys for a slightly lower price, except you could still buy them at RealSports?

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The Team Unit Store Twitter account hasn’t tweeted since 2012, and well, can you blame them? The website no longer exists, and the shirts live in on the back of some closets. There was probably some charity initiative in there somewhere, but again, it’s not really clear and most of the evidence of its existence has been wiped by the fact yfrog shut down.

We can’t find much else about it that’s really archived, but you could buy great shirts such as this bad boy:

Image result for team unit shirt arencibia

The players who came together for it were Tyler Bozak, JP Arencibia, Brett Lawrie… and Colby Armstrong. Despite that star power, the brand didn’t exactly have staying power.

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Anyway, it was a mostly failed experiment that fizzled out within a season or two. A fun concept, but unless we’re getting an Auston Matthews/ Vladimir Guerrero Jr. meeting, probably not something that needs to be rehashed as of right now.

With Bozak leaving Toronto this offseason to sign in St. Louis, it officially marks the end of the athletes who comprised Team Unit. Happy trails!

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