Your Favorite Leaf’s Average Game Of Fortnite

You’d have to be living under a rock (or camping in a bush) to have missed the sweeping fame of Fortnite: Battle Royale, the multi-platform video game which has captured the hearts of hardcore gamers and casual players alike. Your favorite Toronto Maple Leafs are no exception to this trend either, having confessed to playing…


Top 20 Maple Leafs Prospects 2018: #8 Joseph Woll

This time last year, I was thrust into unfamiliar territory. For the last four years, I’d covered the Arizona Coyotes. I’d always done freelance for the Leafs, because I was stuffed into a Leafs jersey before I even knew how to skate and I love making my family happy. Then sites started making layoffs, I…


What the Leafs can do

When we’re trying to figure out top-tier coaches and what makes them good, it seems a lot of the time we get bogged down in thinking they have some secret magic scheme or a way of breaking down X’s and O’s that us plebs can’t fathom. In reality, I think, what actually sets them apart…


Where will the 2018 draft picks play?

This upcoming season for the Leafs will no doubt be one of the most exciting we have seen in decades. And that excitement should trickle down throughout the system to all of our young prospects that were drafted this past June.


Who should wear the “C” for the Leafs?

It’s almost time for the training camp to come, and with training camp for some teams means announcing which player will be the next captain for them. Currently Arizona, Buffalo, both New York teams, Vancouver, Vegas, and yours truly have a vacancy, and while some have very obvious candidates (Oliver Ekman-Larsson and Jack Eichel, for…


Top 20 Maple Leafs Prospects: #9 Pierre Engvall

Death, Taxes, and Pierre Engvall not making our Top 20 list. This was the norm for the previous four years he was eligible for the list, and it always felt justified. Engvall wasn’t making it to the SHL, and his numbers in the Swedish B League barely inspired his ability to cut in the SHL….


Can you name the 30 NHL teams who do not have John Tavares? Test yourself

Earlier this month, we wrote a bare-bones post that did relatively well, challenging yourself to name every Leaf who’s suited up since the 2005 lockout: How many random Leafs do you remember? Test yourself Today, we’ve discovered another great Sporcle quiz: Asking you if you can name the NHL teams that John Tavares does not…


Three Leafs crack Sportsnet’s Top 100 list (in the 100-50 range)

Sportsnet today released the first half of its annual Top 100 NHL player rankings, which might actually not be annual but we can’t be bothered to check. Three Leafs cracked the 100-51 list, with their write ups attached below. (Full/half list available here). Morgan Rielly, #85 He has been a consistent strength on a blue…


Monday Mailbag: Thank Gord We Have Hockey To Talk About Soon Edition

It’s Monday. It’s a mailbag. You’ve got questions. I’ve got bad takes. Let’s do this. Let’s talk about the three contracts, when you anticipate them to be signed, length and amount. — Wendel Mania (@Wendel_Mania) August 27, 2018 I feel like this is turning into a weekly mailbag tradition, and I’m sure I’ve varied at…


Top 20 Maple Leafs Prospects 2018: #10 Trevor Moore

Let’s set the clock back to roughly 12 months ago. What do you remember? It was a different time. Patrick Marleau was the Leafs’ biggest free agent signing. The Oilers were flying high upon clouds of postseason dreams and sink urination. And the Habs were doubling down in their steadfast belief that a then-nearing-free agency…


Remembering when John Tavares was introduced to the hockey world

If you watch him in the NHL today, there’s one thing that’s abundantly obvious: John Tavares is an exceptional player. He’s outscored everyone in his draft year by nearly 150 points, scored 30 goals four times, 80 points or more three times, and has consistently risen to the challenge of making everyone who touches the…


Top 5 Hype Videos For The 2018-19 Leafs

August is a difficult month for us hockey fans. The absence of news means there’s not really much to talk about. Personally, I like to pass the time between now and the upcoming season by watching Leafs hype videos… over and over and over again. Just for fun, I picked my 5 favourites and gathered…