Five Things The Leafs Could Do At Newfoundland Training Camp

Yesterday, an interesting piece of news leaked from the notoriously tight-lipped Toronto Maple Leafs:

Sure, it’s not a ground-breaking leak pertaining to a certain unsigned RFA, but for the by’s up in Atlantic Canada, the prospect of the Leafs hosting training camp on The Rock is something to get excited about. With the Leafs switching their ECHL affiliations to the new Newfoundland Growlers for the 2018-19 season, a move like this would also only seem logical to strengthen the bond between the big club and their second-tier developmental club.

The question we must now ask is; what’s to be gained from a Newfoundland training camp? The answer, obviously, is a lot. Let’s take a closer look at some of the upsides:

1. Scrimmage On The West Coast

With all of the attention on Newfoundland’s capital city of St. John’s, Corner Brook definitely needs some love. I say this as someone who once lived there – there’s not a whole lot going on these days. So much so that my Nan still talks about the time the Boston Bruins played an exhibition game there. In 1956. (She was in love with Terry Sawchuck)

Nowadays, I can guarantee that there are kids with crushes on William Nylander and Auston Matthews who would love to see their heroes up close and in person without having to drive all the way across the island to St. Johns. So come to Newfoundland, Leafs, and give the West Coast some love when you do.

2. Get Screeched In

Hey, even noted 2018-19 Toronto Maple Leaf Semyon Der-Arguchintsev should be 19 by then! You know what that means.

With the days of Lou Lamoriello behind us, it’s not theoretically impossible that at least a few of our Leafs could become honorary Newfoundlanders by the time their stay on The Rock is over and done with. If it happens, I can’t wait for the pictures.

3. Count The Sobey’s Bags At Nan’s House

It’s pretty much a law that every Nan in Newfoundland needs a Sobeys bag full of Sobeys bags in her kitchen. And after a long night of my several of my beautiful sons getting screeched in, I would definitely let them come to Nan’s and count her Sobeys bags. We could even make a game out of it.

4. Drag Race With Cars People Left On The Side Of The Road

Everyone knows the official provincial car of Newfoundland is just every car that somebody dumped on the side of a road after it broke down. Why not get them up and running and take them out for a rip with the whole team? A fun and safe activity for the whole Leafs family.

5. Shed Beers and Jiggs Dinner With The By’s

First, a night of shed beers.

Then, a big feed of Jiggs on Sunday to cure the hangover.

Newfoundland training camp sounds like a beautiful bonding experience for the Toronto Maple Leafs, who will probably have like 15 pre-season games to sweat out the screech and shed beers and burn off the Jiggs. So worry not, Leafs fans; our by’s can train in having a bit of east coast fun before heading into the grind of the season.

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