Preseason LGD: Leafs Tour a Disaster Site

It was a beating so nice, let’s do it twice. Last night the Senators received an education on what the John Tavares era is going to be like. You were excited, I was excited, the players were excited, the fans were excited, and the sponsors were excited too. I think this guy might have been…


What Kind of Snake Is John Tavares?

John Tavares is a snake. Hockey Twitter knows it; Hockey Reddit knows it. If you’ve been on the internet since July 1st, 2018, then you know it too. After all, would anybody but the snakiest of snakes spurn the wonderful, flawless and always-competitive New York Hockey Islanders for a chance to play in Smelly Toronto for Auston…


Preseason Player Previews: Zach Hyman

Today’s preseason preview post will be on the topic of Zach Hyman. The unassuming 1st liner, children’s writer, hard-nosed Torontonian is a fan favourite in Leafland. A potentially big change is coming for Hyman. For almost his entire NHL career, he has played with one or both of Auston Matthews and William Nylander. Indications thus…


Auston Matthews is on pace for some cool milestones in 2018-19

Auston Matthews is entering his third season in the NHL and he already has an impressive list of accomplishments. Through his first 144 games, he’s scored 74 goals, 132 points, and he’s won the Calder Trophy. Let’s take a look at some cool milestones Matthews can reach this year.