Preseason Postgame: Semyon Der-Areyoukiddingmewithalltheseplays

The Leafs played their first preseason game on home ice, and with that, we saw the debut of a face of the franchise for years to come.

That’s right, Semyon Der-Arguchintsev made his debut at the Scotiabank Arena (which also made it’s Leafs debut as well).

But holy goals Batman, it was a hectic one, so strap in.

Cheeky Plays

The future of the blueline kicks things off with a little bit of fun.

SDA living up to his franchise potential early on.

Sparks with a nifty save as well.

And another one on the lesser Nylander.

More SDA content for ya.

Get ready for more of this all season.

And more SDA…

Garret, Mr. McElhinney would like a word with you about that backup job.

The Goals

After an early goal from Buffalo, the Leafs responded extremely quickly with a rocket from known sniper Ron Hainsey to make it 1-1.

And right after that, Colin Greening (who’s still with the team apparently) threads the needle to Pierre Engvall to give the Leafs a 2-1 lead (and we’re only 1:11 in!).

John Tavares is still a Toronto Maple Leaf.

Mueller with a goal that you would expect a mule to score.

And John Tavares has his second two goal game with the Leafs in his second game with the Leafs.

The Chart

This was a pretty even game in the possession department. Leafs started off great, but didn’t really do much after that until Buffalo tied the game. After regaining the lead, they let Buffalo take over again shortly after. That’s score effects for you.

Aside from their Hockeyville game in Lucan, the Leafs have only played at home, and will continue to when they head to Buffalo tomorrow for another game against the Sabres.

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  • DukesRocks

    There was too much noise in this game from the scramble plays to the puck give aways. I can’t really say any one line impressed me the whole game but I did see some flashes here and there. The Kadri and Tavares lines had there moments but lacked consistency throughout the games. I’m really liking what I’m seeing from Leivo, he using his body well along the boards and retrieving pucks, seems to be making good decisions and was visible in both preseason games thus far. Marner and Tavares seem to be an offensive threat while on the PK, they both hound the puck carrier well and are great at stripping the puck on the backcheck.

    The biggest reason I was interested in watching this game was SDA. The kid looked good overall and has a calmness in his game. What I like about him is… he can make plays in tight, where there’s no room and he’ll fireoff a pass you never saw coming. Kid has great vision and I look forward to seeing more from him in the coming years.