Preseason LGD: A Farewell to Marlies

Looking at the lineup card tonight you can’t help but feel cut day is looming. It seems like Mike Babcock has been reading my On the Bubble series and tried to make a lineup entirely out of the players we’ve featured there. PLEASE READ MY BLOGZ. Anyways, a lot of players have to be taking…


Monday Mailbag: Nightmare Fuel Edition

I went looking for questions for the mailbag today with the hope that I could provide you my elite insight into the Toronto Maple Leafs. Unfortunately around the time I went looking for questions, the Flyers decided to unleash the greatest thing to happen to hockey since the Ballard funeral. So while we are short…


On the Bubble: Par Lindholm

I’ve never really been a big fan of sequels. Wait, that’s a lie. I consume bad movies almost exclusively. I’ve never been a fan of hockey sequels, and Par Lindholm seems to be the completely unwarranted sequel to Rickard Wallin. That was my initial thought on Lindholm, and training camp hasn’t really changed my mind….