Postgame: Storming the Capital

Tonight the Leafs are taking on their seemingly perennial playoff opponent, the Washington Capitals. This is the 6th game of the Maple Leafs’ season, having gone 4-1-0 thus far. The Capitals have been a tough opponent in the past, but they’ve been mediocre so far this season, with 2 losses at 2-1-1. The only lineup…


Know Your Enemy: Breaking Down Auston Matthews’ Hot Start

In case you haven’t heard yet, Auston Matthews has been pretty good early on in the 2018-19 season. He’s leading the league in scoring, and has a whopping nine goals in five games, which is something that only four other players have reached: Alex Ovechkin, Patrick Marleau, Mario Lemieux, and Mike Bossy. That’s certainly not…


LGD: Leafs Storm the Capital

Much like the War of 1812, the Leafs are hot and ready in Washington, D.C. Ready to set ablaze their house, the Leafs look to continue their winning ways against the Capitals tonight. It will be the Battle of (skate) BLADEnsburg.


How the Leafs developed a strong ECHL development system

Although Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas has received plenty of credit for his past work with the Toronto Marlies, the way in which he’s got the organization to utilize the team’s ECHL affiliate is one of the most impressive things he’s done during his tenure in the Leafs front office. Typically in the…