Photo Credit: © John E. Sokolowski - USA Today

Freddy Hurt, McAdam Called Up As Emergency Backup


Okay, it’s probably not that bad, but there’s some cause for concern.

While it seems to be unknown when Freddy hurt himself, it wouldn’t surprise me if it was when he went into god mode with a few minutes left in the game before the Leafs came back and scored to make it 4-2 on Saturday against the Caps.

Hopefully “day-to-day” literally means day to day, and that he’ll only miss the next game or two, but at the very least, Garret Sparks has a chance to put himself back in Babcock’s good books.

This will put the Leafs goalie depth to the test, but it seems minor enough that it won’t be a problem. A long term injury shouldn’t really cause the Leafs to miss the playoffs, they just might not win the division.

With the injury, the Leafs called up Eamon McAdam from the Newfoundland Growlers as the emergency backup. If you forgot who Eamon McAdam is, he was the goalie the Leafs got from the Islanders in the Matt Martin trade. He got called up due to Kasimir Kaskisuo’s injury leaving the Marlies with no goalies to give to the Leafs for the time being.

I’d imagine this situation will probably be figured out more in a few days if Freddy is out for a while, but for now, this is what seems to be the case.

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