Monday Mailbag: Fanbod Edition

I make no apologies for my love the Fountain Tire/Edmonton Oilers Fanbod website. That’s not true. I make many apologies. I’ve flooded many a twitter timelines with this nonsense and I’m unlikely to stop this anytime soon. That led to this…

There you have it. All of you good people who submitted questions will get your questions answered by the Fanbods.

Okay, since this was kind of a serious question, I’ll give it a bit more of an answer and ruin this gimmick right away. Lars Eller was asked about an opposing team and he decided to play down how good the Leafs are, or decided to point out that while the Leafs are good they haven’t accomplished anything yet that would have the defending Stanley Cup Champions considering this a particularly noteworthy game. All of this is a reasonable thing for Lars Eller to do, and anyone upset by it needs to chill out. Thankfully you can get legal weed in two days.









but also, the answer is December 1st.

There you go. The worst thing you didn’t read today. I’m sorry.

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