Leafs Postgame: Freddy stood on his heady, but the Leafs couldn’t score and the refs forgot to ref

Ah yes, Pittsburgh vs. Toronto. Two teams known for high octane offense, and below average defense. Both have already played in 7-6 games, which they both won. Not to mention, both are seeing their starting goalies return from injury. All the makings of a barn burner.

Well, how about a (basically) 1-0 game instead.

Just as we all predicted.

1st & 2nd Period

I was in class for the first and second periods, so I missed most of it. But, based on my small sample size of tweets that I read, it seemed like the Buds started bad, but got a bit better, and the refs started bad and never got better.

Also, Malkin scored, because of course he did.

3rd Period

Now, this period I got to watch, but not a whole lot happened. It was pretty much back and forth hockey for the majority of the period, until the final minutes when the Leafs put on the pressure. It came to no avail, as the Pens would score two empty net goals, and walk away with a 3-0 lead. The Leafs almost scored in between the 2nd and 3rd goal, but it was waived off and the Buds remained shutout.

It wasn’t a bad game per se, but it wasn’t great, although the refs really didn’t help. But, it’s the Penguins, what else could you really expect.

It was pretty much the same as always. Dermott and Ozhiganov drove play. The bottom six drove play, but couldn’t produce. Matthews’ line continues to get hemmed in. What else is new?

Hopefully we get a better performance from them on Saturday against the Blues, who haven’t been off to the hottest of starts. But Bozak will probably score a hat trick.

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  • CDog

    Still no mention (seemingly anywhere by anyone) of Justin Holl – ie. the ONLY player not to play a game for the Leafs yet. Is he hurt? Did he leave a silent one at the salad bar while Babs was choosing his veggies?