Hittin’ the Links: Where’s Willy?

Sometimes it’s tough to keep up with all the best Leafs #content (and what the heck is going on with William Nylander!), so here’s a quick rundown of what’s been going on lately.

ICYMI: This Week on MapleLeafsNation.com

Need more Nylander rumours/discussion/speculation? We’ve got you covered, of course.

That d-man you’d never heard of until October 3rd? He’s actually not bad.

Trevor Moore continues to build his confidence with the Marlies, well on his way to becoming a full-time Leaf.

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More #LeafsContent

Nylander’s agent met with Dubas, then Nylander didn’t practice on Tuesday… feels like we’re building to something big!

The Leafs are (sorta) slumping, so you know Mike Babcock’s answer is Grit And Hard Work (not bad things!)

It’s Officially Official: Leafs 2019-20 camp will visit at the new home of the Newfoundland Growlers.

~just hockey things~

Unlike NHL players, the talented women who play hockey at the highest level have to do it on top of their “real jobs”. Which is somehow even more challenging than it sounds. [Heads up! This article is behind a paywall. ?]

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Braden Holtby had the same reaction most of us would have when watching someone gleefully snatch a puck away from a child–Death Stare:

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