Leafs Postgame: Star Wars

Tonight the Leafs hosted the Dallas Stars for this Thursday night hockey game. This was the 10x centennial game, or kilogame, for Ron Hainsey (his 1000th) in the league, and the Leafs correctly started the night off with a video tribute to his long and successful career. The Leafs continued to try to live life…


Statistically, the D is Ass

Barely any of the season has been played, but we’ve probably seen enough of it to be very worried about the Leafs defense. In fact, I’ll go so far to say that pretty much all worries about the Leafs defense have rightfully been carried over from last season and supported by at least another decade…


Why did hockey reporters waste so many years not learning about hockey?

It’s no secret that something that’s plagued hockey coverage for so long is its dull and dreary tone, something the gatekeepers of the profession to this point were glad to uphold. For so many years the extent of reporting on this game has been limited to about three main areas: Lame quotes about drive and…


LGD: A Holl New World

After a terrible loss in their first Auston-less game this season, the Leafs are looking to put that behind them and come to play at home against the Dallas Stars tonight.