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The two worst starting goalies in the league over the past two years play in Ottawa and Montreal and we’re going to laugh at that

At one point in time, Ottawa and Montreal had two world-beaters in net. Stopping anything and everything, stymying Toronto shooters left and right. No matter the quality of team in front of them, it seemed that Carey Price and Craig Anderson would shut down the Leafs time and time again.

Not anymore.

Via hockey-reference: Of any two goalies to play at least 50 games over the past two seasons, the goalies with the two lowest save percentages are: Carey Price and Craig Anderson, each coming in at .901, respectively. Lower than Jake Allen, lower than Cam Ward, lower than James Reimer, and yes, definitely lower than Frederik Andersen.

This is hilarious for a number of reasons.

In Ottawa’s case, it’s hilarious because they saw themselves as a contender just slightly over a year ago where they mortgaged their future in the Matt Duchene trade that’s been beaten into a dead horse by now.

In Montreal’s case, they signed Price to the largest contract ever given to a goaltender in history. Probably. I think. Like $10.5 million per year over eight years. And uhhhh… it’s not working out. He’s in year one of eight. Good one, folks!

(We hope this isn’t seen as a shot at either player individually, as a person. Craig Anderson has done considerable charity work under the Hockey Fights Cancer and related charities. Carey Price has been a fantastic role model and has been involved in numerous charitable efforts. Please consider donating if you can.)


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