We would like to formally apologize for missing Trevor Moore being sent to the AHL

Trevor Moore was sent down to the AHL today, but we didn’t write an article on it yet.

We actually didn’t talk about it at all in our group chat, and no one felt it was important enough to tell each other about.

It was around 1:10 p.m. where I first noticed this tweet:

..which made me realize there was a new LeafsPR tweet I hadn’t seen.

The weird thing is I’d been awake for nearly two hours, and Leafs twitter usually talks about everything on repeat for about three weeks straight.

But Trevor Moore: nobody said a thing!

And you know what? As the managing editor of this site, that’s on me. Sure, he didn’t play a single NHL game on this recall, but you have to wonder what it means for the morale of the room. The character. The fighting spirit.

So what does this mean? Are the Leafs signing Nylander? Are they bringing up Carl Grundstrom? Is there a trade in the cards?

Man, I don’t have all the answers. But I really am sorry that I didn’t get you this news earlier. We can, and we will be better.






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