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William Nylander’s camp apparently denied an offer matching David Pastrnak’s contract

Chris Johnston put out his Beyond Headlines article Sunday at Sportsnet and, because the Leafs are in the centre of the universe, the first thing he talked about was William Nylander. Go give it a read. 

The most important tidbit is this one here.

In fact, there’s scuttlebutt Camp Nylander recently turned down an offer matching the David Pastrnak deal — $40-million over six years — although that rumour was denied over the weekend.

On Sept. 14, 2017, David Pastrnak inked a six-year extension worth $6,666,666, which the Leafs are seemingly using as the benchmark for Nylander. This contract for Pastrnak came after he put up 70 points in 70 games for the Bruins, nine points north of the 61 points Nylanders has put up in back-to-back seasons.

The comparable Nylander’s camp seems to be using is the one peter Chiarelli gave to Leon Draisaitl after his breakout year in 2016-17. Draisaitl was given an eight-year deal worth $8.5, which now probably looks like a bit of an overpay.

Of course, Johnston does say that this rumour was denied. Is that true? Who knows. Regardless, we’re getting to a point now in which it’s starting to look like Nylander has played his last game as a member of the Leafs. The organization can’t cave on their first key RFA’s contract demands given Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner are due for post-ELC deals this summer. If they do, the dominoes begin to fall in a way that’ll spike up the value for both Matthews and Marner.

If Nylander isn’t signed before Dec. 1, he can’t play in the NHL this season.

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  • getrdone

    This is not about loosing him, this is about if Nylander believes he is worth more and the Leafs can find a suitable trade then both parties are happy. If the Leafs can not find another team willing to meet Nylander’s demands and give the Leafs what they want then he sits for the year. To me this would show that Nylander is about himself and has no regards for his teammates or the team.