Hittin’ the Links: There’s no need to feel down!

Sometimes it’s tough to keep up with all the best Leafs #content, so here’s a quick rundown of what’s been going on lately.

ICYMI: This Week on MapleLeafsNation.com

Carl Grundstrom’s AHL game is giving fans something (else) to be excited about.

Some small but important news: the Leafs were the first professional sports team noted to have NOT crossed the picket line outside of Boston’s Ritz-Carlton hotel.

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Someone call James Corden–he’s got Carpool Karaoke competition: If you don’t do anything else for the rest of the day, please check out the (extended) Marleaus’ YMCA singalong, courtesy of Mitch Marner’s instagram!

More #LeafsContent

I know everyone was planning to pay close attention to Detroit’s annual prospect tournament anyway, but here’s a reason to actually care about it in 2019:

If Dubas decides trading William Nylander is the way to go (don’t do it, Kyle!), plenty of teams are interested in making a deal. (Heads up!

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Mark Hunter agrees with most everyone else that it would have been nice if the Nylander contract situation had been resolved back in the spring… and things aren’t going to get any easier going forward.

~just hockey things~

check out a couple of gif-worthy moments from Tuesday night:

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