Four ways the Leafs could announce the Nylander contract

Everyone must do their part in signing a key player for the future of this franchise. Obviously, the front office and management must physically have Nylander sign the deal, but what about the game operations team? 

Marketing must be of huge importance to this organization, they were able to revamp their whole system with the fresh new logo debuted in the 2016-17 season. Game Operations have been massively improved over the course of a couple seasons and they might just up their game to another level with the next bit of massive Leafs news.

What if the Leafs have planned out the way they are going to announce Nylander re-signing with the team? Not some boring old Leafs PR tweet that just states all the information that people want, but something with pizazz and flash.

They won’t even stoop so low to the Dallas Stars’ level when they announced Tyler Seguin re-signing. Mario? More like Bland-io.

If any team was to actually pull this off, it would be in the entertainment capital of the world – Toronto.

Here are four ways that the Leafs could up their game and announce the Nylander contract:

1) Wrestling Entrance

Who doesn’t love the pop of your favourite wrestler coming back from a long period of time? The massive excitement that builds through the backchannel rumour blogs – then suddenly a moment of peace and quiet before the loudest ever theme song comes on and that wrestler walks out.

In this case, the Leafs will be at home and the starting lineup will be announced, but someone is missing. Who could it be? Why would they only start with two forwards?

Then out comes Nylander skating as he has never skated before, absolutely blazing out from behind the bench to some Euro-trash techno blaring so loud that the condos around the arena are shaking.

The crowd is going absolutely wild and Nylander gets to start his first game back next to his best friends in the world, Auston Matthews and Kasperi Kapanen.

2) Tattoo Reveal

What shows more passion for getting one of your best players locked up to a good contract more than a chest tattoo?

Dubas will hold a press conference for every single member of the media in Toronto, have them wait anxiously for what the announcement will be, people on twitter will be going mad with speculation.

Then he just shows up and rips open his suit to reveal a spectacular tattoo that gives you all the information you need.

A beautiful symbol for the future of this team. Kyle’s dedication to getting all of our good players signed to the contracts that they deserve.

We can and we will, Kyle, we can and we will indeed.

3) Message In The Sky

Imagine just looking up one day when the weather is clear and seeing a plane go by that announces the fact that Nylander has re-signed.

The most beautiful sight in the world that you can imagine, our boy wonder is finally coming home.

Pulling out all the stops, Dubas will have this plane fly all over the world – spreading its good message to all the young Leafs fans. Nylander has signed and is going to return to bring this city back into glory.

4) Boring Leafs PR Tweet

Okay, I guess just actually ending all of this drama is probably the best way that the team can announce the deal. This messy media situation should just stop and one simple tweet from the Leafs PR account will do that.

This has just gone on for far too long. I’m getting tired, so anything will suffice. Please come home William and let us appreciate you and your zone entries. Please.

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