William Nylander update: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

William Nylander, at the time of publishing, has not yet signed a contract.

But you know who has takes about it?

A lot of people! With seemingly no connection at all!

Take: retired NHL player Marc Savard, who mostly films youtube videos in his basement.

Savard has no added details, including, you know. A contract length.

And then Ryan Lacey, noted… person, tweeted out this pic of him and Kyle Dubas today.

A quick glance shows it is in the vicinity of Nationwide Arena, while the jersey is also the team’s new Adidas third jersey, so it would likely be a photo from today. Also, the person in the background is wearing gloves.

No word on if Lacey is telling the truth about Nylander, though.

Bob McKenzie tweeted this thread out…

On Wednesday, Elliotte Friedman had this to say:

 Several restricted free agents (Brock Boeser, Patrik Laine, Mikko Rantanen among them) have made it clear or agreed with their teams they’ll wait until after the season to talk contract. At last week’s GM meetings in Toronto, some of the managers said they feel others are waiting to see if William Nylander sets the market over the next 10 days before doing anything.

Yesterday, Mike Babcock said… “We have significant pieces not here and they will be here.”

Mike Babcock alludes to Nylander

Today, Mike Babcock said:

What does it all mean? Do you really expect us to have any more clue than you?

Fingers crossed, say a prayer, and hope there’s a little Swedish man flying over to Toronto sometime soon.

And also, let’s hope Ryan Lacey is right.

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