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Postgame: Fly Buds Fly

The Leafs came out strong against the Flyers from the drop of the puck and never really stopped. The score does not really reflect how even some of the game seemed, but the Leafs absolutely dominated.

This penalty-less game was really over from the first period. Within just a couple of minutes, the Leafs were on the board with three goals. Making Calvin Pickard look like a fool, the Leafs were able to take advantage of some hot shooting early on.

Andreas Johnsson certainly was the best player on the ice from the start. With a nice little hat-trick to signal a big “F You” to any fans that want him to be traded for some noname right-handed defenceman.


The game started fairly even, trading scoring chances but none of them working for either team – then something clicked for the Leafs and they absolute unleashed their offensive power.

Just several minutes into the first period, Andreas Johnsson silents his doubters and completely fools former Marlies teammate Calvin Pickard. Perfectly placing his shot in between his legs and lodging that puck into the back of the net.

Then he did it again. Settle down Andreas.

Blocking the opposing shot from the blueline and turning on his jets to beat everyone else to the puck – with Brown helping him of course. In just a couple shifts, Johnsson has put his name back out of any trade rumours.

And Johnsson is not the only forward on the left side putting the puck in the back of the net within the first ten minutes. Patrick Marleau is!

It was honestly a blur and suddenly the Leafs are up 3-0. After a little bit of panic in front of the Flyers net, Marleau brings the little puck into where it should be and fires it into the back of the Flyers’ net.

But you thought Johnsson was done?! The man’s name is Andreas “Mango” Johnsson and he never quits.

This man is ON. FIRE. I bet that goal Babcock’s wet dream. A forechecking forward just putting on pressure and ripping the puck from their opposition and turning the goalie inside-out.

The Swedish Prince is back on his bullshit and that bullshit is scoring goals.

The rest of the first period was just a constant flow of odd-man rushes and breakaways for the Leafs. None of these chances were able to find the back of the net, but I think leaving a period up 4-0 still feels pretty damn good.

As expected, when a team returns from an intermission up by four goals, the Leafs started the second period fairly slow. Letting the Flyers enter their zone a little bit easier to start this period – slightly relaxed in their approach.

We saw the shot totals increase, but no real high-danger chances were created for either team until the Leafs’ fourth line decided to do something pretty.

Leivo takes this rare opportunity with good linemates and he puts that little disc of rubber behind Stolarz.

If that wasn’t enough, Tavares and Marner smelled blood and wanted to get in on the action later in the period.

Mitch Marner is really out here making the whole Philadelphia Flyers team look like absolute fools. Completely out-classing them as they stumble around and wonder what they’re doing here.

Some back-and-forth play wrapped up this game that the Leafs took easily from the hands of the Flyers. Dominating in every metric and getting their fair share of high-danger scoring chances.

Leafs win 6-0 BABY.

They continue their Ice Rampage against the Boston Bruins at home on Monday night.

The Stats

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As seen above, the Leafs controlled the shot attempts basically from the drop of the puck. Getting a little surge to end the second period also didn’t help, since the Leafs scored two goals during that period.

Kasperi Kapanen led the team in 5v5 CF% tonight, with a 68.42% – so close to being so nice. Meanwhile Tavares had a team-low 39.13 5v5 CF%, not the usual game from him, but you can’t complain.

Incredibly, the Leafs had a total of six high-danger attempts while Jake Gardiner was on the ice, and only one against while he was out there too.

For some of the boxscore stats, Andreas Johnsson of course led the Leafs with a hat-trick, but Mitch Marner was able to leave the game with two more primary assists. The boy likes to pass the puck well.

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