So how does the Nylander situation end?

See title. We asked our staff:

Wyatt Fremlin

For the love of God, sign.

Mike Stephens

It doesn’t. It never does.

Thomas Williams

Signing a long-term deal while wearing a “MSM? More Like BSM” t-shirt.

Scott Maxwell

I’m still holding out faith that Nylander signs a deal, whether long or short term, but I think if push comes to shove, Dubas ends up letting Nylander sit the year out

Dylan Fremlin

he stars in the next marvel movie and is named sexiest man alive in 2019 by peoples magazine

Ryan Hobart

I think Nylander ends up signing. The Leafs are too calculating and careful to not have had a plan in place for this. The loss of him sitting out for the season far outweighs the benefit of him earning $300k less per year or whatever the standoff currently is.

That’s Kappy could not be reached for comment.

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