Photo Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Leafs Sign Nylander… For Real This Time

After a looooooooooooong five months, the Leafs finally extended William Nylander to a contract.

That’s right, the pain is over. Our Swedish son has returned. After dealing with clickbait headlines about how Nylander is selfish or wants a trade, he has officially re-signed to a 6 year, $6.9 million contract.

Well, the $6.9 cap hit is for the remaining five years, this year it’s $10.2 million, but we have cap space this year anyways.

The Maple Leafs eighth overall pick from 2014 has played 185 regular season games, with 48 goals and 135 points, as well as 13 playoff games with two goals and eight points. Despite his absence, the Leafs went 18-8, and ARE NOW ADDING A 60 POINT PLAYER!

Now, whether or not he sticks around due to any bad things that happened during the contract dispute, for the time being, Nylander is back in Toronto.

Of course, there are still questions with him staying as well. What game does he come back in? When he does, does Babs put him on the 4th line? When he goes back on Matthews’ line, who sticks around? Kappy? Marleau? Johnsson? So many questions, and so little answers until William returns from Sweden.

Ok everyone, breathe. And cherish this moment. It’s over, the Leafs have Nylander back, now enjoy your Saturday night hockey game!

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