Leafs Moms Headed to Sunny Florida

It’s been a busy week or so for the Toronto Maple Leafs. A few things have happened, namely: William Nylander is back (and we’re still not over it). Also, Zach Hyman found himself with a two-game suspension, and just yesterday, the Leafs announced that Calle Rosen has been signed to a two-year contract extension.

And among all of that hard-hitting news, this little nugget:

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Let’s face it — a Leafs Mothers’ Trip is long overdue. The club has been holding a Fathers’ Trip every season, in which players’ fathers and father figures are recognized for their part in getting their respective sons to the NHL and are invited to join the team for a few games on the road. Last time I checked, mothers do that too, so it stands to reason that they deserve the same recognition.

Look, I do not have any sons I’ve raised playing in the NHL, but I’m sure that seeing your kid living out their dream is an incredibly fulfilling reward in and of itself. That being said, I bet it’s nice for someone else to acknowledge that you’ve played an integral role in making that dream happen — especially after seeing your husband receive that acknowledgement from your kid’s team every year.

I don’t know, I’m writing this at 3:30 AM, I’m tired, I’m emotional, I just love parent trips in general but especially Mothers’ Trips because they’re less common. The Anaheim Ducks recently had their Mothers’ Trip, and it was delightful. I literally don’t care about the Ducks at all but I sure as heck enjoyed seeing their moms having the time of their lives on the Nashville Pedal Tavern. (This is not a sponsored post… but it could be, call us, Nashville Pedal Tavern.)

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Like, am I expecting to see Ema Matthews and Bonnie Marner absolutely boozing it up on a pontoon boat in Florida? Nah. Would it be a HUGE BONUS? Absolutely.

In all seriousness though, the sight of moms smiling as their kids #score #goals warms even the coldest of hearts, so we’re looking forward to touching down in Florida. Let’s pick up four points in Tampa Bay and Miami and make the moms — and the antsy fans — happy. #FerdaMoms

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