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So who should the next captain really be?

Earlier this week, an unnamed article came out from an unnamed source where an unnamed Leafs parent was mad their child wasn’t getting enough consideration for captain.

But who should really be the captain?

  • John Tavares, who was literally a captain for most of his career.
  • Morgan Rielly, one of the longest tenured Leafs who’s having seemingly his second breakout season in a row
  • Auston Matthews, the so-called saviour of the franchise who scores basically whenever he wants to
  • Zach Hyman, a real heart-and-soul and character guy
  • William Nylander, who believed in his teammates so much he took two months off

Or someone else?

What do you think?

Let us know in the comments below

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  • m plunkett

    i truly believe that we have the one in marner, toronto mgmt may know this but the majority of fans do not, who is going to put their face in front of a 100 mph slap shot to take the leafs to the cup, leaf fan all his life, this is his dream and he is at the forefront of all media lately and no doubt he should be. consistent, improving, positive, work ethic, durable, family oriented, exhuberant. does matthews want to be captain ?, wouldn’t you think him being in arizona may be his dream though too. i am sure we will all findout in ten years or so……….

  • Top Shelf

    The answer is clear. RON HAINSEY! Leadership that only a veteran can bring to a dressing room? Check. Take no crap attitude? Check. Glaring eyes that of a serial killer? Check. Knowledge of Fortnite? Nope. He’s perfect.