Ennis injured with broken ankle in Leafs 5-3 win over Rangers

It wasn’t pretty… but it was a win.

In a game the Leafs definitely should’ve won… they did. Phenomenally, in fact. Bigger picture, though, the most pressing news would be this…

which eventually turned into this.

No timeline yet, but broken bones tend to usually be at least about a month.

Now, the hockey game!

Goals came courtesy of

Patrick Marleau (1-0 buds):

Maybe Marner but actually Andreas Johnsson (2-1 buds):

Rielly (3-1 buds):

Marner (his actual first goal of the night):

And Marner again on the empty net… which appears to not be on the internet anywhere.

As for actual game analysis… the Leafs outshot and outchanced the Rangers quite hard throughout 40, missed a bunch of chances, and then absolutely poured it on in the third. Not the toughest opponent, but they handled them quite well and didn’t let their mistakes cost them.

We’ll be at it again tomorrow as the Leafs take on the Red Wings.

See you then!

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  • Matmarwill

    Generally this was a decent effort. Even when the rangers scored, the buds didn’t lose their cool. Kept grinding and generating chances.

    Too bad for Ennis. My guess is they call up Moore. With Hyman also out, they could call up another, possibly grundstrom or marchment.

    The buds need at least this much effort on a game 2 game basis to handle teams in this league. Just watch the wings tomorrow, they will try to slow down the buds. Watch Montreal, Buffalo and the Sens, same thing. All those underdogs will be at the top of their effort spectrum when the leafs play them. And the buds are looking ok in dealing with it, cuz the rangers were ready.

    The d still needs tightening, and the forwards need to up the forecheck and backcheck. Should be interesting to watch.