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Grown man who goes by “Mikey” extremely excited for Trevor Moore debut

There are a lot of guys out there named Mike Stephens. Some would say too many. By our count, there’s at least 81.

Noted Leafs podcaster and Marlies beat reporter Michael “Mike” “Mikey” Stephens has got his name known in this crazy world called the blogosphere by falling in love with a player named Trevor Moore, who few knew about before last season but seemingly everyone loves.

Today, it was announced Trevor Moore would be called up as a replacement for Tyler Ennis, who broke his ankle last night.

In 27 games this season, Moore has registered 17 goals and 7 assists. In last year’s Calder- Cup winning playoff run, Moore dropped 17 points in 20 games to go along with 33 in 68 in the regular season. Moore didn’t say his highlight was having Mike tweet about him so much, but he also DIDN’T not say it.

If you’d like to read about Trevor Moore from Mikey himself, here it is:

Top 20 Maple Leafs Prospects 2018: #10 Trevor Moore

Moore should slot in tonight in his NHL debut, likely on the fourth line. None of the 81 Mike Stephens we know could be reached for comment.

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