You can’t be mad about a 2 p.m. start time if you’re not equally mad about Wrestle Kingdom starting in the middle of the night

Yeah, yeah, it sucks that you’re working today and the Leafs are playing. You didn’t schedule the halfday and boo-hoo. You can’t watch the game that they made for kids to watch. The Leafs will probably annihilate the WIld and all that is well and good, and you’ll be upset that you missed it.

But did you direct that same anger towards the fact the organizers of New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) didn’t also cater to the needs of the Eastern Time Zone’s regular working hours?

For many in North America, Japanese wrestling has become a sort of catharsis for those who like to get away from the McMahon overarching presence of the WWE, or many other legitimate reasons to get away from the bastardization of the sport.

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Here’s a little hype video to let you know what we’re talking about.

NJPW’s marquee event, Wrestle Kingdom 13, is taking place in a little over 12 hours, with festivities in the preliminary fights scheduled to get underway at around 2 a.m. eastern. And where is the equally valid vitriol that you can’t see a moonsault or a shooting star press at 7 pm? Where is the anger that Kenny Omega’s quest to greatness isn’t easily accessible to a wider audience, and mostly streamed online through illegal means or some sketchy looking site you’re not even sure has the proper rights for it?

Look yourself in the mirror before you criticize the Leafs for catering to young kids still on a break, when you haven’t even gotten pissed off about Japanese wrestling yet today.

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