Hyman, Matthews, and Marner join in on the Morgan Rielly All-Star campaign

With no game until tomorrow night, the Leafs were able to have a little fun and promote their teammate on his running to be the last player selected for the 2019 NHL All-Star Game.

In the first video tweeted out tonight, Marner and Hyman are just casually in their hotel room on the road. Going to face the Devils tomorrow night, they might as well have some fun in the worst state imaginable.

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He lists all the reasons why Rielly should indeed be an all-star, while the camera creeps insanely close to his face and ends with a sudden cut.

Now we get to see (the most likely) cameraman behind the first video react to some sweet highlight video of our top defenceman. He seems extremely excited about it and is just such a great actor.

All of our players are so damn talented on and off the ice. Hyman can be the next professional hockey player/author/actor to take on the world – a true triple threat.

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The newest addition to the madness is ex-roommate and best friend Jake Gardiner and legend Patrick “played basically the most games in the entire NHL” Marleau. Beside from Patty tripping over some of his lines, his Raincouver diss on Morgan is pretty solid.

Let’s all join together with these players and keep on voting for All-Star Morgan Rielly.

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