Some clown online is making fake rumours the Leafs should trade Nylander for Cam Talbot and a draft pick

The website hockey buzz dot com does not deserve your clicks, but we do. That’s why we created this article, to point you out what definitely not to read online.

In his latest column (if you can even call a smorgasbord of ellipses a column), the man known worldwide as “Eklund” posted this garble of where they Edmonton Oilers are looking for a forward.

The short answer is “anyone and everyone” but talking to sources I would keep an eye within their own division…and Jakob Silfverberg. The Oilers are also talking to the NY Rangers about Kevin Hayes (although not certain Hitch is 100% on board) and The Oilers are also scouting the Leafs about…you guessed it…William Nylander…Talbot and 1st is the starting point…

If you must find it, the title: “Rumors A Plenty….On Oilers Forward Search, Leafs, Weise on Waivers [email protected]” which doesn’t even make any goddamn sense, but maybe your weird facebook uncle likes it.

Here’s a screenshot.

There’s so much garbage on that site we don’t even know where to begin. Even the name Eklund was known for creating false news since before the moon landing.

First off, Cam Talbot? Just what the Leafs need, another struggling goalie. A first round pick is enticing, but are you really going to trade away a piece of your future who’s in a slump, but has five years to get out of it, for the chance at like… whatever the pick is that you get when you just miss the playoffs? No times a million.

Lastly, there is no way the Oilers can fit in Nylander’s cap hit of $10.2 million (for this season), which he would’ve seen if he spent 5 seconds over at NHLnumbers.com

Thankfully, us over at The Maple Leaf’s Nation would never report a fake rumour about Nylander.



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