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Morgan Rielly doesn’t give a shit about Randy Carlyle

The Anaheim Ducks are in Toronto tonight and are bringing along their horrible head coach that used to coach this team.

They are also one of the worst teams in the NHL and deserve all the horrible things that come across them. Other than employing the worst dirtbag players, the Ducks also just land ass-backward into elite players like Hampus Lindholm, John Gibson, and Ondrej Kase.

They are just the worst and are still somehow in the playoff race.

Defenceman and Norris candidate Morgan Rielly had some choice words before facing the Ducks tonight. Mainly about his old coach Randy Carlyle.

Rielly has had to deal with some absolutely dogshit Leafs teams. Through the early highs of the 2013 playoffs and the lows of most likely the worst team in franchise history to tank for their superstar.

To expect any sympathy from him is like expecting someone to be nice to you after you’ve roundhouse kicked them in the face multiple times.

The Leafs’ number-one defenceman has had his run-ins with Carlyle when he was here in Toronto before – having to earn his minutes as probably the team’s best skater on the blue line during those seasons. But alas, he’s now playing for a contender and Randy is stuck treading water and will most likely be unemployed soon.

If anyone makes another goddamn toaster joke or plays the “good one Randy” soundbite, Leafs fans should just go into a fit of rage for being reminded of having such a ridiculous man as a head coach. I would take being frustrated over lineups than having to deal with that man ever again.

This team is finally good so let’s all just say a giant “fuck you” to the past.

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