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Postgame: Muzzin scores first goal as a Leaf in 6-1 win

This was a perfect game for the Leafs – showing their offensive prowess and completely dominating a horrible, horrible team. 

Full of physicality and skill, the Leafs displayed some capability to deal with anything that the Ducks gave them. No push was damaging and no little show of offense was too much to not be smothered.

Three points from Muzzin, highlighted by his first goal as a Maple Leaf, he showed why he was so worth it in the end. Even as a rental, that price seems fine to pay on the very small sample size with this team so far.

Andreas Johnsson also got two goals and two assists and William Nylander scored a goal and added an assist to cap off a strong victory from the Leafs.

Gibson faced a total of 35 shots and only saved 30 of them before being pulled in the third period.

The Leafs finished with a +72/-43 corsi rating at 5v5, taking control of the game and always having the puck on their stick. Leafs finished the game with a 6-1 win against the California team.


The Leafs came out absolutely buzzing and would not let the Ducks have a healthy opportunity to score. Constantly in their zone and making Gibson work for his saves.

Even though the Leafs had a total of 19 unblocked shot attempts in the first period, it ended up being scoreless.

That did not last too long going into the second period. John Tavares is a Leaf and he also scored the opening goal for this game.

Just 3:02 after the period started, Tavares hooks up with Frederik Gauthier and Andreas Johnsson for a nifty play and a rocket to give the Leafs the lead.

After this, the Leafs kept on piling the shots on goal for Gibson. You have to feel bad for him at some point, especially when he literally can’t do anything about this goal from Johnsson.

Even with Gibson making the initial save, Johnsson waits patiently and roofs it into the net with a backhand. Assisting on this goal, Jake Muzzin earned his first point as a Leaf.

These next couple of minutes is certainly when every single Leafs fan fell in love with Muzzin.

He demonstrated his physicality after completely ruining dirtbag Corey Perry into his own bench.

A piece of art so rare that we were so used to defencemen either with skill or unable to do anything of note at all.

Something else that has been missing from a Leafs defenceman as of late is scoring a goal or two. Well, Muzzin can do that too apparently!

Jake “Goddamn” Muzzin scores his first as a Leaf and what a beautiful shot it is too.

Completely winding-up to unleash a bullet past Gibson and give the Leafs a three-goal lead heading into the third period.

The Ducks just feel like they sometimes have to ruin things and they ruined Andersen’s shutout shortly after the third period began.

You would need a perfect shot to get the puck past Andersen in this game. One of only a few likable Ducks, Rakell puts his team on the board and give some little hope to Randy.

But you know who kills hope? Connor Brown.

An excellent transition play by Kadri and Muzzin makes a killer breakout pass to Nylander who then makes a perfect pass to a rushing Brown to put it in the back of the net. Involving all five players on the ice, this goal was beautiful.

Not only can Nylander make perfect passes, but he can put the damn puck in the back of the net.

Even with the Leafs offense dying slightly, being up by three goals, Nylander was still able to score from distance and beat Gibson. This caused the Ducks to pull Gibson and put Chad Johnson in.

But that wasn’t enough to stop the onslaught of Leafs forwards padding their stats.

The Mango Man is making his case for one of the best wingers on this team. Andreas Johnsson is some kind of talent. A weird transition as it went from Marner, to Tavares, to Hyman, then to Johnsson – probably mid-line change, but fun to see the forwards sharing the puck.

This finishes the game and the Good Guys win 6-1

Who Wore The Crown?

Now for everyone’s favourite section “Who Wore The Crown?” brought to you by Crown Royale.

There was no doubt in this one for sure, Jake Muzzin. Hits, a goal, and absolutely dominating the familiar opposition. Finishing the goal with a goal and two assists just adds to his legacy as one of the Greatest Leafs of All-Time.

Someone that is impossible to not love, Muzzin has certainly earned this title.

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