Photo Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Should the Leafs be prepping for an Igor Ozhiganov offer sheet?

With Matthews under contract and with big money looking like it will be part of Marner’s future as well, it’s time to look a bit further down the roster.

It seems likely that even if it the Leafs go a little over the cap during the summer, they will make sure they’ve got Kasperi Kapanen and Andreas Johnsson under contract. So that brings us to the next biggest name restricted free agent on the Leafs roster, Igor Ozhiganov.

Let’s say that someone decides they want to throw a big deal at Igor Ozhiganov, will the Leafs have the resources to match it? What will they do? Is Ozhiganov someone they can easily replace?

The answer to these questions is No, not care, and yes. It’s Igor Ozhiganov. Thank you for your time.

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