The Habs are pretty smug for a team that hasn’t won since 1993

Even though they’re the oldest team in the league, it doesn’t mean that they’re the wisest.

For a whole franchise that prides themselves on being dominant in certain eras, they have never even been relevant since hockey has actually be played properly. Nothing before 2006 should really count as a championship since no one even knew how to efficiently play the game.

The ’90s were just full of elbows to the head and just a couple of players that were actually good – and none of them played in Montreal.

Who cares what happened in the past, but the Habs are nothing without their praising for the dynasties and random players that only played for their team because of where they were born.

They constantly try to be as good as they can in the modern era, but they just keep on failing. Obsessed with only getting coaches, management, or players from their province – that’s just bad priorities.

Imagine if they spent the same amount of energy on acquiring good players and not trading away elite ones. Not on the same level, but they just traded for Dale Weise. Anyone that actually tries to acquire Weise should be banned from trading for at least a couple months.

In the last five years, the Leafs and Canadiens have made the playoffs the same amount of years. So nothing else really matters after that; they’re still a horribly-run team that is obsessed with bringing up their number of championships with no context.

You say anything that is remotely criticizing the team and hoards of bandwagon Ontarians come screaming and yelling “24 CUPS!!!11!!!!1;”. It seems pretty easy to win championships when you’re the oldest team in the league.

This is the longest they have gone without winning anything, so clearly once the NHL actually became a fair league, they suck. Still holding old and dead championships over every other team’s head, the Habs are just any other team that hasn’t won before. Why count cups from an era that no goalie knew that you could actually make some saves?

So, therefore, the Carolina Hurricanes hold more championships than the Montreal Canadiens.

Why even bother paying attention to such a horribly-run team like the Habs? They are nothing and everyone should treat them like nothing.