John Tavares forced the Montreal Canadiens into a panic trade for maybe the NHL’s worst forward

On Saturday night, John Tavares scored the overtime winner in his first game in Montreal as a Leaf.

In case you forgot, the Leafs signed John Tavares, while he did not even give Montreal the time of day to give them an interview.

Today, the Canadiens decided to combat that by acquiring one of the league’s worst forwards.

If you check out Corsica’s player ratings below, Nate Thompson registers 5th from the bottom amongst forwards.  John Tavares ranks… much closer to the top.

NHL Player Ratings & Rankings

According to Natural Stat Trick, he’s 410th in individual points rate (per 60 minutes) out of 416 forwards, and he picks up a point for just 27.78% (individual point percentage) of the goals that are scored for his team when he’s on the ice this season at 5v5. He doesn’t do much there. He’s shot the puck only 35 times all year. By comparison, John Tavares, who forced Bergevin’s hand into making the trade, has scored 33 goals. If you look at his possession metrics, well, his CF% comes in at 39.01. John Tavares could probably put up a 50% corsi by himself.

If you don’t trust h0ckeyfan, trust Dom Loosecheshin!

If Nate Thompson isn’t the worst, he’s definitely in the conversation, and nothing is funnier than the Canadiens consistently acquiring anybody but star forwards and just a bunch of dudes.

If we’ve learned anything from our years of experience, it’s that you should never trust a man named Marc with hockey opinions.

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