Leafs win big in Vegas but lose Andreas Johnsson to injury

You know, the Leafs scored six goals past our bedtime and looked every bit the part of “Cup contender” in a victory over a Vegas team who’s now lost seven out of their past nine.

We don’t want to bury the lede… so here’s the potential injury of the Swede.

So as you might have guessed… he sat out for the rest of this one.

But! Dr. AM34 says it’s nothing to worry about!

Why not, right?

Anyway, let’s show you the goals.

1-0 Buds

The injury boy hits his 15th of the season! He’s fine, right? What a feed by Jake. Onto goal 2, although the Leafs actually gave up two goals before that…

2-2 Leafs

Nice to see the big fella contributing.

3-2 Leafs

Auston’s 100th career goal. What a player. What a time to be alive.

4-3 Leafs

15 goals for Morgan Rielly is two more than any other defenceman. Is that good?

5-3 Leafs

101 Dalmagaoals.

6-3 Leafs

Shot. Chaser. Etc. Ballgame!

Who wore the Crown?

After every Leaf game, we’re recognizing one Leaf player who best exemplified what it means to play hockey the “Toronto Way”: with heart and soul, above all else. Who wore the Crown is brought to you by Crown Royal, passionate fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs. 

Two goals for Auston. Seems easy enough to me.

The Leafs are in Scottsdale tomorrow night to take on the Yotes.