TLN Mailbag: Tuesday Edition

I just got back from watching the Flyera beat the Wings, and I have time to squeeze in a mailbag before I get my wisdom teeth pulled out tomorrow, so let’s get this started.

Marlies superfans are far from the worst Leafs fans. There’s nothing wrong with supporting your farm system, especially since they will be a part of your future.

I’d tell you which contingent of Leafs fans are the worst, but they already want to kill me, so I’ll leave them alone.


Kapanen, only because I want to see @ThatsKappy make his legendary return as @LeafsRamblings.

It might be the most boring name ever. It has two or three nicknames that can stem from it (and Scotty and Scoot are hockey nicknames if I’ve ever seen one), and Scott is also an overly popular name as well. I worked in a grocery store with two other Scott’s, one being my boss, and my current program with only 11 people in it also has another Scott.

I’d honestly prefer my parents went with something more exotic. Apparently my dad wanted to name me Roman.

*remembers Roman Polak exists*

Never mind, Scott’s good.

I feel like it will probably reveal how Fury lost his eye, otherwise I wouldn’t imagine why they’d bother having him have both eyes if they weren’t going to at least reference it.

Considering that Agent Coulson hasn’t been on the forefront of marketing (this is honestly the first I’ve heard that he’s actually in it, although it doesn’t surprise me), I’d imagine he’ll probably have more of a cameo than anything else.

I literally have no idea what this is referencing and after a quick Google search, my question is not answered, so I’m going to be an honourable person, and not answer a question that I’m not informed in, especially when my answer will be broadcasted to a large audience.

You and me both, man.

No, the only playoff experienced forwards I want to acquire is this core of Leafs forwards playing more games in the playoffs. Their forward core is fine, and the idea that they lost to Boston because they lacked grit and experience is a myth made up by people who are too afraid to admit that Babcock got outcoached, their right side on the blueline was brutal and exploited as such, and that Freddy had a really bad series.

The only thing the Leafs need to do is acquire a defenseman that will make Babcock stop playing Hainsey and Zaitsev in the top 4. If that means getting no one, trading both of them, and forcing Babcock to run a top six of

Muzzin – Rielly

Gardiner – Dermott

Marincin/Rosen – Holl

so be it. That’s the only improvement that will put this team over the top. Not grit or experience.