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Johnston: Leafs up to something big

I’m going to preface this with what we all already know, and that is that both Sportsnet and TSN want Leafs fan eyes on their trade deadline coverage and that pretty much every team is trying for something big that they aren’t going to achieve today.


Here’s some Chris Johnston audio from the Fan 590 this morning stating that teams around the league believe that Kyle Dubas is putting in work to finally address the right handed defenseman deficit in the top four.

Johnston begins by saying the Leafs are trying to give the impression that they want to sit the deadline out, but other teams are saying they are up to something. He goes on to say that the Leafs are trying to pull off a hockey trade that may cost the Leafs one or two players off their current roster in order to pull it off, but finally addressing the defenseman need.

Johnston goes on to say that he truly believes that the Leafs have no interest in the rental market and the Ferland, Simmonds, etc. linkages to the Leafs seem to be unfounded and not aligning with the direction of the organization.

So there’s that too.


Well, it’s hard not to think that Carolina Hurricanes factor into this, as the Canes and Leafs have been heavily scouting each other all season, and now that the Canes are back in the playoff picture, they likely have an appetite to pull off a deal that addresses their need for more scoring. Depending on who you talk to, everyone has a favourite Carolina defenseman they want to acquire, for me it’s a Hamilton, Faulk, and Pesce order, which pretty much guarantees the trade will be for Pesce, if it happens.

This is likely just catnip to keep us paying attention, but at least for me, I’m paying attention regardless, so I’m all for the dream big notion that is going on here. I’m a little hesitant to blow up the forward group unless Kadri’s return is something we can expect in the near future, and as always there is some consideration that needs to be given to the cap situation next season.

Anyways, it’s an interesting day that just became a little more interesting. At least we have something to debate and/or get our hopes up.