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Leafs planning on recalling Trevor Moore

The excitement continues on deadline day as it appears we can anticipate the recall of Trevor Moore…

The word “will” is important here as it appears the Leafs are making sure that Trevor Moore remains eligible for the Marlies to use during the AHL playoffs.

Another piece that is interesting is that the Leafs don’t really need another forward unless they

A) Plan on putting Kadri on the injured reserve

B) Plan on trading a forward off the roster

C) All of the above

Now, the Leafs have a full lineup for the game tonight, and aren’t on the road until Thursday, so I can certainly appreciate the intrigue around a potential trade.

Additionally, I can also appreciate that Trevor Moore is quite possibly a better player than a few of the current fourth liners on the Leafs and giving him a chance to play out the rest of the season as a NHL regular also seems like a good idea and a free upgrade for the Leafs.

Here’s hoping there is more to it than just a minor roster shuffle, because exciting trade deadline moves mean way too much to me.