Oh Snap, we totally forgot the Leafs traded for Nic Baptiste

I guess to meet the full obligations of being your go to coverage for Trade Deadline day, we should probably note all the trades that happened. So here’s one that happened on Sunday night…


Yep. That happened, we just acknowledged it here.

Now let’s break this down.

What? I’m hearing please don’t break down Marlies trades, fair enough.

Let’s just point out the trade is Clark for Baptiste, but because Clark was on an AHL contract and Baptiste is on a NHL contract it had to be done as two separate transactions. It also means that the Leafs have one less player contract available to them this year, which really isn’t an issue since they are sitting at 47 contracts right now.

As for the players, Clark is a plucky AHL/ECHL tweener who was entertaining in training camp. Baptiste is a player that many of us just found out existed last night, and realistically we will forget exists when his RFA contract contract isn’t qualified this June.

Nevertheless here are the numbers on Baptiste via Eliteprospects

Not a whole lot to be excited about, but he has earned a cup of coffee on some really bad and injury plagued Sabres teams. Baptiste will be 24 by the start of next season, seems to fit in with Gagne, and Carcone as a means to keep the Marlies competitive and get the Leafs prospects a little more playing time in the spring.

Additionally in Marlies moves…


Hopefully the actual Leafs do something soon because AHL moves ain’t going to cut it today. Please give us something to talk to about.