Your Tavares Night Bingo Card

It seems like Islanders fans are definitely not over John Tavares, and a quick review of their Reddit page suggests that they are expecting to be drunk, loud, and ready to burn things. With all of that in mind, we’ve put together a handy Bingo card for you to play tonight. It will probably be a multiplatform experience as some of these you’ll need to check off online, but others will probably make the broadcast of the game. No matter what, it seems entirely possible that all of these things happen tonight, and while there’s a free space on there, I’d basically treat the Stan Fischler twitter meltdown as a free space too.

You’ll be playing for bragging rights, so let us know when you’ve been able to fill out a line and we’re rooting for a full card minus the Komarov goal (and we could probably do without beer being dumped on the bench too.)

Have fun, and if you’re a Leafs fan at the game tonight, for the love of Tavares, please stay safe.