Photo Credit: @MapleLeafs

Hey, remember when the Leafs destroyed Calgary last night?

That was fun, hey?

Against the team with the second most points in the league, Toronto came and handily walked right through them.

Scoring five times at even strength and once on the power play, a 6-1 victory was had without much pushback.

Let’s go through those six goals again.

1-0 Leafs

His first since: scoring against Buffalo on a breakaway last Monday. Okay, it really hasn’t been long at all.

2-0 Leafs

Two goals for Tyler? A bit fluky, but we’ll take it.

3-0 Leafs

Not to be outdone, Mitch Marner RAMMED hard towards the net and an undistinct kicking motion by Zach Hyman for his first of the night sent this one in.

4-0 Leafs

After Ennis got two in a row… why not Zach? Heck of a feed here from Mitch as he hit 80 points on the season.

5-1 Leafs

Tyler 3nnis!

6-2 Leafs

Three points for Mitch.

Some more content:

Who Wore the Crown?

After every Leaf game, we’re recognizing one Leaf player who best exemplified what it means to play hockey the “Toronto Way”: with heart and soul, above all else. Who wore the Crown is brought to you by Crown Royal, passionate fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs. 

Tyler Ennis, duh.

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