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Trevor Moore doesn’t think there’s anything special with his ass

After the demoralizing loss against the Chicago Blackhawks last night, the Leafs are back at practice before their back-to-back against the Flyers and the Sens – and they’re talking about big asses.

It makes sense after Babcock commented on heavy hockey in reference to the Leafs and specifically Trevor Moore.

“Moore, for the size of him, has a real heavy keister and hangs on to the puck pretty good there,” said Babcock.

That quote has spread and there has been special attention paid to Moore’s ass by his close family and friends.

Babcock certainly thinks higher of Moore’s ass than he does.

There’s some truth to his comments at least, Moore has looked excellent on the forecheck and his big rear end has helped. Keeping the puck from the other team, his ass should have an assist for every goal that is scored while it’s on the ice.

What he really needs to do is show confidence in his ass ability. With a Kardashian-like attitude, Moore can be proud of how strong he is on the puck because of his ass.

Seven points in just 15 games played so far in his NHL career, Moore will use his ass throughout his career. He will be right up there with the greatest protective asses in the history of the sport. Jagr? Crosby? They won’t hold a candle to the protective ability that Moore’s ass has.

He might already have the best one in Leafs history.