Brian Burke says some wild stuff about his former employer

In an act of jealousy and desperation from his media member throne, former Leafs GM Brian Burke had some weird comments on PrimeTime Sports with Gord Stellick yesterday.

Toronto has not talked about future contracts for players in a couple of weeks, so it was really overdue. The man with the hedgehog-like appearance took to the radio to voice some opinions he has on some Leafs stars and how much money they should make.

This old storyline of winger Mitch Marner getting the same contract value as number-one pick and hockey messiah Auston Matthews is getting, well, old.

Somehow his hot start next to one of the best centers in the world has warranted him to be in the conversation to earn more than 99% of the players in the NHL. An ideal world would be every player getting what they deserve, but we live with a hard salary cap and that sucks ass.

Saying Auston Matthews does not sell tickets is asinine. Both players are exciting, but Matthews scoring a goal from his spot on the opposing goalie’s right is so damn beautiful. We can love both players but automatically saying one doesn’t do anything is bogus.

It’s not like the Leafs, of all teams, should be worried about selling tickets or finances in any way at all. One of the richest clubs in hockey, with an easy storyline of how expensive their tickets are, doesn’t really need to concern themselves with entertainment value.

If Burke was involved with Hockey Canada, these comments would make a little more sense –¬† getting that big “good ol’ Canadian boy Mitchell Marner” written in the sky above his home. But instead, his work with USA Hockey should warrant praise for the player he’s criticizing for not being exciting.

Not to mention the fact that just last season, Matthews had the highest-selling jersey among all NHL players, and this season he’s ranked 13th, probably because everyone already has his jersey. If that doesn’t describe popularity or ability to sell anything¬†on a per-player basis, nothing else will.

Burke continues to go off about someone that has already faced so much scrunity before he even played a single game this season.

Everyone has already gone through the Nylander trade scenarios and everyone should be tired of it. His recent play and his ability to play a center (which is valued higher, for a reason), should just get rid of any on-ice doubts.

He has arguably been the best player on this team in the year of our Lord 2019, so why should anyone think about trading him? He has already signed his contract so why the hell is anyone talking about this stuff?

The comment about Jake Gardiner might be just truth, unfortunately. The defenceman has been missed while he’s out with injury (and every fan is freaking the hell out), but a new hypothetical contract might not fit within the Leafs cap next year.

Solution to “who are they going to get?”, might just be re-signing their top defenceman. Easy, but why not re-sign with a team for three or four years (hypothetically), that can win a championship and then grab some money later on (hypothetically).

We all know Burke just wants some credit for the team being good again. You know, the team that he tried to ham-fist into the playoffs and traded off some very good players and ruined some good feelings about this team by hiring the worst people.

Hindsight is everything and we should definitely just leave his recent comments behind us. Ignore his sputtering and let’s have some fun with a team that’s, you know, good.

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  • BobAroo

    I have been an NHL fan for 47 years . I have been paying attention to Bettmans agenda since 92′ . So I have paid even closer attention to Americans who run Canadian teams . JFJ , Burke, and more recently Chiarrelli, are the worst ones that come to mind . Look at their Canadian track record and it’s all you need to know . Furthermore I watch most games with a group of friends . Not one of my friends can stand Burke. That’s just a small consensus but it speaks volumes . When will Canadians wake up to that fact that the US undermines all of our business interests . From oil to hockey , It’s just how they roll !
    Just as an example wasnt it Burke who used the Leafs to draft 6 players from American colleges . And set a market standard that all teams tried to replicate. To the point that the colleges changed their rules . He was the president af the American hockey association at the time . He created an import market for the American Hockey Association ! He is a 2 faced p o.s Imo ! What he is doing is causing problems for the Leafs while pretending to be a reporter . The TRUTH is that he is a lawyer ( pronounced LIAR ) from BOSTON . Someone needs to run this prick out of Canada . Look at his track record, look at his time in Calgary and how he set Toronto back 5 years ! Wake up Roger’s this guy is a double agent

    • Bob Canuck

      You don’t like Brian Burke; that is obvious. I am not a big fan of his but at least get your facts straight before spinning conspiracy theories.

      1. JFJ and Chiarelli were born in Canada; Burke has dual citizenship.

      2. The Leafs and other NHL teams drafted US college players before, during, and after Burke’s tenure as Toronto’s GM.

      3. The American Hockey Association existed in two time periods: 1926 to 1942; and 1992 to 1993.

      Brendan Shanahan became an American citizen in 2002. Should us Leafs fans be worried?

  • Matmarwill

    Burke did as much harm as good in his time with the leafs. To his credit are drafting Reilly, naz, sparks and brown, and trading for Gardiner and jvr. He blew it with signing ufa’s like komosarek and connelly (in fact all his ufa signings sucked). His player development system/personnel also sucked. That Kessel trade was the worst at the worst time, losing talents like Tyler seguine and Dougie Hamilton. And, on top of that, his constant conflict churning with the media was a major distraction for the franchise. Funny that the media, who he called ‘pukes’ publicly only a couple of years ago, is now where he’s employed.