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Leafs Getting Some D

Good News Everyone! It looks like the Leafs will have help arriving shortly.

Both Gardiner and Dermott are going to be game ready soon, with Dermott getting into the game Saturday Night and Gardiner likely returning Thursday night.

This might come as a bit of a surprise to some of you, but both of these players are good defensemen, and we should pretty damn near ecstatic that our Marincin, Holl, Ozhiganov days are over (for now).

Comparing the results before and after the injuries should solidify the fact that a much better team will be heading into the playoffs for the Leafs, and it’s one that should be able to hold its own against the Bruins…

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Gardiner’s last game was February 25th, and Dermott’s last game was February 27th, since Feb. 27th the Leafs have had a losing record, and seen their goals against average increase by over a goal per game. Could other factors be at play as well, sure, but I’m willing to bet that the absence of 2 top four defensemen could be a big part of that.

Oh yeah, and they said something about Sparks too…

So, it looks like Garret Sparks will be getting into a couple of games at least before the season closes out, as he’s getting the nod on Saturday night and the Leafs have a back to back Monday and Tuesday, so we’ll definitely be seeing him again soon too. Ideally it would also be nice to see him get into one of the last two games of the season, but maybe that’s pushing our luck and we should be happy with what we’re getting.

You can read a lot more about why I think playing Sparks a lot in the next week is a good idea here.

Anyways, it seems like the Leafs situation is about to improve. As Mark Master’s notes below the Leafs may run with 7D in the final two games, which might give us a chance to see Calle Rosen and how he can fit into the playoff lineup as well.

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Exciting. Now all they have to do is clinch.