Roundtable: Absolutely, the Broon’s

Like it or not the Leafs are facing the Bruins in the first round of the playoffs again. We’ve known about this for sometime, but soon it will be happening on your very own TV set.

A lot of people aren’t looking forward to this, and for good reason, it will be challenging, and hard, but since I’m not a millennial, I’m excited for them to face obstacles early and overcome them, rather than be handed an easy out in the first round. That’s why for this roundtable we’re focusing on What are you looking forward to about Leafs vs. Bruins 3?



I’m looking forward to Mitch Marner

Ryan F.

It sounds kinda corny but I’m just looking forward to a great series. There’s been a lot of complaining about the playoff format, and complaining about that complaining, but that shouldn’t take away from what’s likely to be an absolutely wild series again. And speaking for myself, I’ve always enjoyed the first round of the playoffs more than any other. To kick it off again with such a monster matchup has its perks, and I know that last year well into the playoffs it stuck with me that Toronto and Boston was probably the best series of the whole thing. When your favourite team is a legitimate contender, these types of things – matchups, home ice – are what you quibble about, but I’d rather do that and take with it the regular excitement about hockey when the weather’s getting warmer and the days get longer, year in and year out.


For me, the thing I’m looking forward to another opportunity for the Leafs to exorcise their demons. Between 2013 and last year, it seems clear that if the Leafs are going to do the thing, they’ll need to get through the Bruins. It’s happened to some of the best (see Washington vs. Pittsburgh, St. Louis vs. Chicago, or San Jose vs. LA) so I’m excited to see if the team is finally up to the task again.


I’m just looking forward to care about something again. Home ice advantage is whatever but I haven’t been anything but mostly indifferent to the Leafs regular season since that goddamn Connor Brown goal in 2017. We’ve had about four weeks of fun playoff hockey with this lineup and I’m looking forward to seeing my heart rate jump all over the place watching them again. I don’t think things will start any worse than they did in the first two games last year (fingers crossed), so I’m hoping I can just have some good times with friends and family because that’s what it’s all about.


I’m looking forward to how petty this is going to get. Boston and Toronto both have extremely obnoxious fan bases, and throw Jack Edwards, Don Cherry, Joe Haggerty, and Steve Simmons into the mix and we’re looking at a gasoline fire take fight to the death.

As much as Leafs fans have been incredibly vocal about wanting a playoff format that would have handed them a different (easier?) opponent, it really should be the Bruins and their fans who are upset by having the second best record in the NHL, but having to face off against the Leafs. To some extent they have to be a little more nervous than their “It was 4-1″‘s let on.

It’s nice seeing a matchup with some history, and a bit of an opportunity for redemption. If we only get one Leafs series (I don’t think we will), at least it will be an intense one.

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