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Leafs and Bruins Subreddits Join Forces for Greater Good

With playoffs always comes a lot of tension. On the ice alone, you see the 20 players on each team go toe to toe, battle over every puck, fight for every goal, and even throw a few punches here and there.

Off the ice, it’s almost as bad, as the dueling fanbases constantly chirp, heckle, and gloat at each other, and it can reach heights of interesting proportions, such as the recent racial slurs directed towards Kadri.

But, with every battle, there’s always something good that comes out of it. Sometimes it’s very clear what that is, sometimes it’s hidden behind the carnage. In the case of this series, one corner of the internet has decided to direct their anger at each other to contribute towards charity.

Both the Leafs subreddit (r/leafs) and the Bruins subreddit (r/BostonBruins) joined forces to donate to a couple of good causes in their respective communities. And there’s only one. For every Leafs win, fans participating in the cause would donate to the Boston Children’s Hospital. For every Bruins win, they donate to Toronto Sick Kids.

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After that, it’s up to the participant to decide how much they want to donate. It could be an easy $10, or $16 in honour of Mitch’s blocked shots to secure the Game 3 win, or even $100 if you’re feeling generous. Heck, you can still even donate to both of the hospitals.

But it’s nice that even in times where it seems like everyone hates each other, there’s still some good in this series.

If you want more information, check it out on Reddit yourself!

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