Drake can’t come to any more Leafs games

As soon as Drake was shown on the jumbotron last night at Game 4, fans became worried. There’s a very real curse in which the rapper shows up and the teams he supports do poorly.

It isn’t just an isolated incident. Drake showed up to cheer on Serena Williams at the U.S. Open, but the top-seeded Williams was shockingly defeated by unranked Italian Roberta Vinci. At UFC 236, Drake was supporting Conor McGregor, rocking an Irish flag around his shoulder, and McGregor took the most lopsided loss of his career. Prior to the National Championship game earlier this year, Drake posted a photo of himself wearing an Alabama Crimson Tide sweater, and the Tide got murdered 44-16 by Clemson.

There are plenty of other examples…

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AC Roma is taking the curse seriously…

Drake is a Toronto guy and he loves to rep the city. He’s an ambassador for the Toronto Raptors and it seems right to have him in the mix at a Leafs playoff game. But, given the way he seems to curse teams, it’s best he stays away from the Leafs for the rest of the playoffs.

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Mike Babcock says he isn’t a believer in the curse, but maybe he was possessed by Drake’s evil sports voodoo when he chose to put Connor Brown and Patrick Marleau on the ice with the goalie pulled in the dying moments of the game.

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