Zach Hyman has a torn ACL and what that means for your fall plans

As per tradition now that the Leafs have been eliminated from the playoffs we get to learn how hurt they were. In Zach Hyman’s case, he was hurting pretty bad…


Six months is a long time. I did the math, that’s roughly 182 days or  4368 hours or 262080 minutes before we’ll see Zach Hyman in a Leafs uniform again. His earliest expected return date is October 25th if we are taking the six months thing to heart, and the minimum aspect of the announcement seems like he’s pulling a Wyclef Jean and he’ll be gone til November.

What this means?

  1. Well, if you are a fan of modest cap relief the Leafs will potentially save a bit of money at the start of the season by having Hyman on the injured reserve.
  2. The Leafs top line of Hyman-Tavares-Marner is going to need an understudy and potentially that is Trevor Moore, unless he’ll be performing the Hyman role on a line with Matthews and Nylander which makes a hell of a lot more sense to me.
  3. Someone is going to get a bit of a longer look after having a good training camp. Mason Marchment, Jeremy Bracco, and Pierre Engvall have to be intrigued by this news, as well as it looks like the KHL players the Leafs are pursuing might be able to see the opportunity in the Leafs top six a bit easier than they could before.
  4. The Leafs are a playoff team and Hyman not being available for the first month of the regular season won’t change that. This is obvious, but I feel when it comes to the Leafs stuff like this still needs to be stated.
  5. Zach Hyman is a freaking madman. Playing with a torn ACL is crazy and can’t imagine the pain he was in. If it was game seven, it’s crazy he finished the game. If it was an early game, holy shit. I know a lot of people don’t agree with glorifying players who play through injuries, but I have to say that I have great respect for Hyman’s will to win and his dedication to the team. I’m pretty sure if you don’t like Zach Hyman we can’t be friends.

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