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If you’d like to spend $550 to get birthday wishes from Nazem Kadri, you can now do that

It’s no secret that Nazem Kadri didn’t have his best season, and even a worse playoffs. After getting suspended for five games (kind of, you probably know the details) after a tough hit in Game 2,  Kadri was a key source of blame for the Leafs’ second consecutive seven-game first round loss to Boston.

But now, he’s making up for his time off by… selling birthday (and other miscellaneous shoutouts) for… $1,000 USD.

If you’re unaware of the Cameo app/website, you can ask a select list of assorted celebrities, media personalities and one-hit wonders from the 1980s to say just about anything you’d like. Kadri’s price is double that of Snoop Dogg,  four times that of Flava Flav,  and more than 10 times that of Kyle Massey, former Corey in the House star. Even Ryan Lochte, the undisputed second greatest swimmer of all-time, is just $100.

$1,000 seems like a steep price for like, 30 seconds of Nazem Kadri’s time. But then again, it takes only a split-second decision to get suspended again, so maybe he’s just looking out for himself. Maybe his agent negotiated the deal.

But seriously, NFL star receiver Antonio Brown is at least ten times the star Kadri is and costs just $550! Charlie Sheen is $350!

Then again, secure the bag. Get your money. Good on Nazem if a couple crazy fans spend the money on it. But also, hopefully he, you know, is still nice to the fans that can’t afford it.

For the direct Kadri link to blow a paycheque or two, click here.

(Editor’s note: The price has now been lowered to $550. Unbelievable deal!)

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